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São Paulo

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Leonardo Tulino

Listing and Content Team Lead

What will be your responsibility?

- Recommend, develop censorship procedures and screening our marketplace content by following up seller behaviors and Government regulations.

- Ensure all catalog policies are informed and aligned among the teams.

- Document content management processes and policies and work on their continuous improvement

- Collaborate within the team and/or other teams on content management processes and policies for continuous improvement.


- Experienced applicants from a related industry is a plus

- Bilingual in Portuguese and English to work with local and overseas teams .

- Previous Project Management experience, with the ability to run multiple projects following priorities and deadlines .

- Process and data-driven, especially in using data to make judgment and decisions

- Strong communication skills in email, face-to-face conversation and messenger discussion

- Strong logical thinking and problem-solving skills at all times

- Good team player, positive attitude and eager to learn

- Must be amenable for shifting schedules

- Excel skills

- Leadership skills