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Media Monks

Executive Producer - Films

The role requires a deep understanding of production consultancy, creative development, shoot management, production, negotiation and distribution across all media.
- You will be responsible for delivering still and moving image output with the highest standards as well as taking responsibility for the technical and creative quality of our productions.
- To make sure great work is done between MediaMonks monasteries, you will proactively engage and inspire our creative teams, crafting a sense of community between creative and production leads.
- You are a master in budgeting, scheduling and managing international productions and will attend (international) shoots when appropriate.
- You will respond to briefs, support the creative development process and pitch to win new still and moving image business.
- You will directly lead, inspire and motivate a strong and coordinated production / project management team.
- You will communicate with the Finance Department to ensure cash flow is managed appropriately, championing important financial goals.
- You work side by side with the Group Production Director, insurance partners, legal advisors and Finance Director on all contractual negotiations, ensuring the company and its productions are financially sound and legally compliant.

- We’re looking for a seasoned producer who can successfully work across teams, time zones and technologies.
- You boast at least 6+ years of high-level experience as a senior producer at a digital production company, with evident management skills.
- You’re experienced doing business with top clients who will seek your take, expertise and leadership on the production of their ideas.
- You have a proven track record of growing a business by constantly finding ways to oil and feed the machine. Leading the production of integrated projects between our international offices while managing a team of producers is no easy task and requires someone with excellent planning and communication skills, as well as experience with management tools such as JIRA, Asana, Monday.com, Basecamp, etc.
- You overcome, oversee and conquer.
- You don't freak out because you’re freaking good at handling stressful situations that are part of the job.
- You have an executional mindset and are comfortable working in the trenches while simultaneously inspiring and leading others.