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The person filling this role is responsible for supporting the commercial team on simplifying and scaling up the lead contact process, making sales inputs on sales navigator and controlling contracts' approval, signing and validity.

We intend to develop this person to in the future be able to conduct the commercial process with autonomy which includes contacting leads, conducting lead meetings by connecting our solution to their needs and helping the commercial team to close contracts.

- Support the commercial team with daily demands such as lead hunt and contact, presentations, proposals, contracts and input of sales on sales navigator.
- Send weekly control of sales evolution vs objective to the team.
- Follow commercial team on lead meetings to learn, observe how they're done, take note on main questions.
- Simplify, scale up the lead contact process and contact new leads to feed the conversion funnel.
- Conduct "lead listening" weekly, by analyzing leads on social media and websites to report new campaigns/activation and general news to the team.
- Support the new business team on tailormade presentation for leads.
- Develop and maintain commercial team daily controls and report necessary action on contract validity, sales navigator, media Brazil email contact etc.
- Take internal trainings from the intern program and Degreed, and apply knowledge to daily activities.
- Support the commercial team with daily administrative activities such as room and equipment booking, mailing update/delivery, budget reports, facilities tickets, price quotations etc.
- Execute individual development plan and conduct internal presentations on our solutions, innovation and media discipline.
- Support the Commercial team with upper funnel communication, such as mailing activation XII.
- Support the Commercial team with prospect performance analysis, one pagers, reports and benchmarks.