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Junior software developer

We’re a company specialized in software development with offices in Stockholm and Porto Alegre. We’ve been operating on the European market since 2012 and have worked on projects in a broad range of business fields.

We are looking for a junior software developer to be part of our team. You will be assigned to and immediately start working on a project, with the support of a senior developer to guide your decision-making and step in when your technical solution is not the best fit.

We hope you are willing to learn. More important than your technical knowledge, we want to see you seeking to understand and act on software development best practices. We want you to be open to receiving and giving feedback and to feel very comfortable in our team to find the best solutions for your growth.

You should be primarily engaged in creating and modifying software to fix bugs, improve performance, or update interfaces. You should also be involved in validation and system testing in addition to working with customers on technical issues, including software maintenance and design, and maintenance of ongoing projects.

You’ll be working in conjunction with a team of developers and infrastructure engineers based in Porto Alegre, our development team based in Sweden, as well as our client’s team. Your ability to work with remote teams is essential, as is fluency in English.

You'll have the opportunity to
Develop and maintain the code for Avidity’s projects;
Peer review code;
Maintain direct contact with the client about projects, requirements and deliveries;
Ensure delivery of the code and seek help from your colleagues when needed;
Work closely with other developers and colleagues;
Present ideas for system and software improvements.

About you
Fluency in English (debating subjects, understanding requirements, suggesting improvements and ideas);
Any sort of track record of programming (i.e a project on GitHub);
Autonomy for self-learning and initiative in the search for solutions;
Good communication skills → written and verbal;
Pay attention to detail and desire to deepen knowledge of the code;
Ability to learn new technologies quickly;
Creativity to find the most suitable solution for the situations presented;
Enjoy what you are doing.

About our technologies
Some of the technologies our team is working on now are Ruby, Python, C#/.NET, JavaScript/node.js, some hosted in VPSes, others at AWS or GCP. Other examples of technologies used are PostgreSQL, ZeroMQ messaging queue, ElasticSEarch, Redis, Docker, and Kubernetes.
At Avidity, we appreciate varied technical backgrounds and we are curious about technologies in general. We do not shy away from labbing, experimenting, and learning things that are new to us. We believe that this mindset makes us better suitable to adapt to the needs our customers have.

What we offer
Work with a multicultural team (daily contact with tech teams in another country, exercising and improving the skills of working remotely, in contact with other cultures besides the practice of the English language);
50% sponsorship for courses and training;
Subsistence allowance for internet;
Flexible holidays;
Bonuses for referring new colleagues;
Health insurance (Unimed) and dental insurance (Uniodonto);
Constant feedback and development reviews;
Autonomy and direct influence on the results of our projects;
Work with talented, collaborative, and friendly people who love what they do.

Diversity policy
Differences are valued and respected, candidates are considered regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or age.

What's next?
If you feel you're a good fit for joining our team in this role, please get in touch with us! Send your GitHub user, your LinkedIn profile, or some samples of your work and we’ll get back to you.